Dr. Cameron Webb

Principal Hospital Scientist - NSW Health Pathology

Dr Cameron Webb has over 20 years experience in managing mosquitoes and mosquito-borne disease. He provides advice to local, state and federal government agencies on assessing the risk of mosquitoes associated with constructed and rehabilitated urban wetlands as well as assessing mosquito risks associated with new urban developments in coastal regions.

A strong advocate for public health education, Cameron has assessed a wide range of mosquito repellents and provides recommendations to health authorities on the products to promote. A regular presence in the media each summer, Cameron is regularly called on to discuss the implications of new mosquito research breakthroughs or disease outbreaks to the wider community; an advocate for social media, Cameron regularly tweets (@mozziebites) and writes for popular science websites such as The Conversation.

My Sessions

Managing Emerging Mosquito Threats in Australia

Mosquito-borne disease is a growing threat to the health of Australians. Notwithstanding the local risks of mosquito-borne Ross River and Barmah Forest viruses, exotic pathogens such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika viruses are knocking on our door. The future risks of mosquito-borne disease outbreaks will be influenced by a range of factors including climate variability, […]

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