Warwick Madden

Further Research and Consulting

Warwick has been working as an independent research and development consultant for the past nine years. He is a graduate in Agricultural Science and worked in the cotton industry as an agronomist before joining the CSIRO as a researcher at Narrabri, North West NSW.

Moving to Sydney he took up a position as a research and development specialist at Bayer in the mid-90s. There he worked on the development of numerous pest control products including Premise termiticide. After the Aventis takeover he worked in the newly formed Bayer Environmental Science for three years before moving back to Bayer Animal Health to take up a marketing position.

In 2008 he left Bayer to start his own research consultancy, Further Research and Development, conducting product research trials for all the major pest control chemical manufacturers against the full range of pests.

My Sessions

Chemicals & pest control: What the future holds & addressing consumer concerns

Synthetic and natural chemicals have been an integral part of pest control since the earliest days of the profession. ¬†Inorganic chemicals predominated in the pre-WW2 era but since then the growth in the development of synthetic chemicals for use in pest control was huge until the late 1990s. ¬†The slowing down of the development of […]

Pest Management I